ABC Adopted Babies from China
ABC Adopted Babies from China

Episode 30 · 4 weeks ago

I would’ve been like this is too asian, it’s not my vibe, it’s not my style with Liza


It's been a whole year which means a whole new season. 

Liza is the host of I’m Adopted, Now What? Podcast. She shares on ABC about how her parents met, her journey from completely having nothing to do with Chinese culture to recently accepting some of it more in the past year, and a little on the recent mass shooting in Atlanta. Liza voices what any of us have thought in terms of identity as Asian versus white in a very eloquent and concrete way. Follow Liza @lizameistone and I’m Adopted. Now What? @imadopted.podcast.

If you would like to share your story please email or @adoptedbabiesfromchinapod on Facebook, Instagram, and @ChineseAdoptPod on Twitter. Thank you for listening!

Also anyone who knows Chinese adoptees or has met adoptees and became a big part of your life. I would love to hear your story too.

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